Seven Points CBD Tincture 600mg


If you’re looking for absolute value in CBD, you’ll find it with Seven Points 600mg Tincture.

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If you’re looking for absolute value in CBD, you’ll find it with Seven Points CBD Tincture 600mg.Each 1oz bottle contains 600mg of their full-spectrum, small-batch CBD extract dissolved in 100% cold-pressed, organic hemp seed carrier oil. This translates to 1mg of full-spectrum CBD per drop. Just a small serving applied sublingually will do the trick and bring all the reported health benefits of CBD and hemp seed oil. Sublingual absorption is highly effective because the CBD permeates the soft sublingual gland which is loaded with capillaries that lead to the main highway, the carotid artery, providing fast delivery and very high bioavailability.Every drop of Seven Points CBD extract is full-spectrum and is 100% US grown on small family-owned farms and extracted in small batches producing a fresh flavor and aroma that is unmistakable. They are so selective in their process that only the very best species makes the cut and few farms meet their standards. They don‚Äôt settle for second best, neither should you.Suggested Serving SizeUse 1 mg of Seven Points CBD Tincture 600mg per 10 pounds of bodyweight 2x daily. For a 150 pound person, this will be 15 drops (.75ml) twice daily.About Seven PointsHeadquartered in Southern California, a mecca for the active lifestyle, nearly everyone at Seven Points is part of the outdoor lifestyle scene. The founder, employees, and many of their business partners participate in a variety of activities like cycling, snowboarding, kitesurfing, mountain biking, and speed skating. As everyone knows, these activities often ‚Äúreward‚Äù the individual with sports-related injuries and pains associated with long term participation in your favorite sport. Since Seven Points CBD is a company dedicated to health, happiness, and the active, outdoor lifestyle, they wanted to find an alternative to traditional pain killers and expensive, often addictive pharmaceuticals. As a result, they have created a brand focused on enhancing the recovery and wellness for athletes of all kinds.

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