Medterra CBD Liposomal CBD+ Good Morning – 25mg 30 Count


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Medterra CBD Liposomal CBD+ Good Morning Р25mgMedterra’s patented Liposomal delivery wraps nutrients in a protective hydrophobic membrane, protecting them from destructive enzymes in the stomach. The result is up to a 17x increase of bioavailability, and up to 10x faster absorption to the bloodstream.Increased early absorption in the gut means less means it’s easy on your digestive system. In other words, you can take less, and get results faster. Sound good? We think so, too.Enhance brain function and wakefulness while combating stressors that can sabotage your wellbeing with Medterra’s fast-acting Liposomal Good Morning CBD+ capsules. In addition to 25mg of CBD, each Good Morning capsulefeatures 40mg of caffeine and an energizing mix of adaptogens and botanicals, providing a balanced, focused boost to start your day.Our proprietary Good Morning Blend supports your mind and body with high-quality, natural ingredients: