HH365 CBD+ Vitamin Supplement 500mg 50 Count


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HH365 CBD+ Vitamin Supplement 500mg 50 CountHH365 CBD+ Vitamin Supplement 500mg 50 Count is a daily supplement for health-centric individuals. There are 50 all-natural pills with 10mg CBD per serving with 500mg total CBD per container.HH365 is a product line that is intended to deliver a standardized milligram serving of phytocannabinoids while simultaneously delivering a consistent amount of the essential vitamins needed daily. HH365 contains culinary 24K gold flakes that increase bioavailability and absorption of vitamins and minerals. Hemp-derived phytocannabinoids, vitamins C, B, and D are all nonpsychoactive ingredients. This means they do not alter brain function.Ingredients:Serving Size – 1 Pill DailyCalories 0%, Total Carbohydrates 0%, Sugar 0%, Vitamin C 100 mg, Vitamin B 2mg, Vitamin D 2mg, Phytocannabidiol 10mgOther Ingredients:24k culinary gold flakes, plant terpenoids, natural preservatives, gelatin. No artificial flavorings. No artificial colorings. All-natural ingredients.50 Pills / 500 milligramsAbout HH365HH365’s mission is to facilitate safe access to high-quality supplements and personal care products for health-minded individuals. They are powered by the same love and philosophy as their parent brand, Haleigh’s Hope. HH365 creates opportunities for customers to improve their life on their own terms. They supply superior supplements and lotions made with organic ingredients that help to improve overall wellness.