Willie’s Remedy CBD Tea Bags – Spiced Chai 200mg 16 Count


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Hemp-Infused Sweet Spiced Chai, 16 Ct. Tea Bags, 2 oz Tin, 200 mgOrganic Indian black tea creates a rich backbone for this warm, comforting chai. With sweet notes of cinnamon and clove giving way to a delicate finish of warming spice from the ginger and peppercorn, it brews to a wonderfully sweet and spicy cup. The pyramid shape of our unique bags allows the whole leaves and botanicals to stay intact and move freely, further preserving freshness and flavor. The result is an efficacious and efficient brew, similar to an infuser, but with the ease of a bag.Our eco-friendly, pyramid bags biodegrade in a landfill or compost in just 14-21 days. Our bags are free from chemical treatments, certified 100% bio-based carbon, plastic-free and will not absorb the beneficial hemp extract. The result is an efficacious and efficient brew, that is best served hot.Ingredients:Organic Indian black tea, organic cinnamon, organic ginger, organic cardamom, organic cloves, organic pink peppercorns, natural flavors and full-spectrum hemp extract.Infusion Strength:Our patent-pending process ensures an even infusion, with 12.5 mg of hemp in each tea bag.Packaging Sizes:Willie’s Remedy Sweet Spiced Chai is available in a 2 oz tin, with 200 mg of hemp extract.