hydroCANNA CBD Body Cream 300mg


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hydroCANNA CBD Body Cream 300mghydroCANNA CBD Body Cream 300mg contains CBD derived from full-spectrum hemp extract using technology that helps retain beneficial phytochemicals found naturally in the plant. Third-party lab testing ensures the quality and consistency of all ingredients. This is a hydrating cream infused with the innovative combination of premium hemp-derived CBD and C60 Fullerenes that will make you feel revitalized from head to toe. Formulated without artificial colors, dyes, or synthetic fragrances. Includes 300 mg CBD per container.C60 Fullerenes is a complex carbon molecule with dynamic antioxidant properties. Its unique free-radical neutralizing potential is considered so enormous that the scientists who discovered it won the Nobel Prize. For years, it’s been an essential part of Japanese skincare, and now HydroCanna™ is bringing this revolutionary ingredient to you.How to UseFor best results, use daily. Apply to clean skin paying special attention to arms and legs. Re-apply as needed.About hydroCANNAhydroCANNA operates under the mantra that nothing is more attractive than someone who’s comfortable in their own skin. This is why they strive to empower their customers with products that actually work. They couldn’t bottle confidence, but they did the next-best thing — created products that promote healthier-looking, smoother, more luminous skin. All of this is so that you can feel comfortable living in your skin, through both the “eh” and the amazing.