Highline Wellness CBD Relief Roller 100mg


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Highline Wellness CBD Relief Roller 100mgHighline Wellness CBD Relief Roller 100mg is perfect for headaches. When you feel one coming on, apply to your forehead for an immediate zen and a pinch of a cooling sensation. This roller is also great for other pressure points, like the wrist and temples!Target pain without worry ‚Äî this formula contains only high-quality, chemical-free, all-natural ingredients. Key essential oils and CBD give you natural pain relief without any unwanted side effects.How to UseTo start, shake the bottle well. For dosing, it’s recommended to start low and increase your dosing slow. Fill the tincture to the appropriate graduated markings and squeeze under the tongue to let the oil absorb for 30 seconds. Tinctures can also be mixed with food or drink as desired.Take note of how your body has adapted to the cannabinoids on a daily and weekly basis and adjust your dosage based on your desired effect. For best results, it’s encouraged you to stick with the same CBD routine for 30 days.Ingredients:Coconut oil, lavender extract, peppermint extract, eucalyptus extract, lemon extract, Hemp-Derived Cannabidiol (CBD)