Green Stem CBD Bath Bomb 100mg


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Green Stem CBD Bath Bomb 100mgGreen Stem CBD Bath Bomb 100mg provides a luxuriously-lavish bathing experience to promote the complete relaxation of mind and body while sumptuously soothing the soul.To unlock the rich aromas and nourishing, restorative properties of the Green Stem CBD bath bomb, simply crumble the bomb underneath warm running water or drop into a full bath and watch as it hypnotically dissolves and rises from the water as sweetly-scented steam.As the bath bomb begins to unfurl across the water’s surface, you’ll notice the rich, warming aroma of sandalwood perfuming the air, accompanied by herbaceous notes of wild lavender and delicate, fragrant jasmine flower. Sandalwood’s aromatherapy properties have been used for centuries to promote mental clarity while calming the body and mind, while lavender and jasmine are known for their unique ability to uplift and relax in equal measures.All-Natural Ingredients: