CBDfx Hemp Fresh Mint Strips 3ct – 15mg


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CBDfx Hemp Fresh Mint Strips Р15mgEach refreshing CBD strip in your CBDfx Hemp Fresh Mint Strips pouch is packed with 15 mg of organically-grown CBD. No other CBD product is this easy to carry with you wherever you go, so you can enjoy a CBD Sublingual Strip on the bus, at the park, or in your car. These strips have a light mint flavor and help freshen your breath.This product is perfect if you want a higher dosage of convenient and discrete CBD when you’re on the go. Whether you get anxious before public speaking or going to the dentist, research suggests that CBD may help reduce anxiety, and CBD Sublingual Strips may also aid sleep and reduce pain or digestive issues. Plus, the minty flavor of these CBD edibles freshens your breath.Why CBDfx?We only use the best organic hemp CBD to make and formulate our CBD Sublingual Strips. CBDfx is one of the only companies to offer a CBD product as discrete and convenient as our CBD Sublingual Strips.How to Use:Always follow all label instructions. Insert one CBD Sublingual Strip on your tongue and allow it to dissolve. Use one strip at first, and increase the dosage as desired after you evaluate the effects of CBD on your system.Are there side effects?CBD doesn’t have any significant side effects. Some customers may experience mild sleepiness after using our CBD Sublingual Strips, but unlike THC, CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive effects. Since we only use all-natural ingredients to formulate our strips, these ingredients don’t cause side effects.CBDfx Hemp Fresh Mint Strips Product Details: